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Upholstery Cleaning

SN Cleaning Inc offers professional and affordable eco-friendly upholstery cleaning in downtown Chicago & all of Chicago suburbs.

Over 3,000+ 5-Star Reviews!

Upholstery Cleaning

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We all spend hours on the couch or sectional watching TV on daily basis. Little do we know that our comfy furniture cushions can trap tons of dust, allergens, pollen and pet dander in its fabric. Every time you sit on your furniture, its surface gets disturbed releasing large amounts of irritants in the air you breathe. This can activate your allergies, make you feel tired or congested. Here at SN Cleaning, our highly skilled and experienced upholstery cleaning technicians can steam clean your fabric furniture or deep clean and moisturize your leather pieces. You can rest assured that you are in good hands with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


  • Recliner $55
  • Loveseat (add $20 if cushions are removable) $75
  • Sofa (add $30 if cushions are removable) $95
  • L-Sectional (add $40 if cushions are removable) $165

    * minimum charge applies

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Our Upholstery Cleaning Process

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What separates us from other furniture cleaners in Chicago?

With over 3,000 5-Star Reviews, we can proudly say that we have the highest satisfaction rate than any other local furniture cleaner. We were able to achieve that because we focus on what matters most to our customers. A few items that make us stand out are: 

Pet Odor Elimination

For pet owners who are trying to get rid of unwanted odors from their upholstered furniture, we use specially formulated commercial grade enzyme solutions. They contain a pleasant fragrance to neutralize odors immediately, while the bacterial enzyme action digests the odor causing urine crystals, which form as pet accidents are left to dry.

Pet Odor Elimination

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Here is what to expect:

We value your time. That’s why we provide you with a 2 hour timeframe of arrival, not half a day waiting for the carpet cleaning technician to show up.

We are here to clean your furniture, not to make your carpet or hardwood floors dirty. That’s why we put on shoe covers even before we step into your home.

Upholstery steam cleaning is more complex and requires extra attention than carpet cleaning. We will inspect the upholstery material and its condition and answer any questions you might have about the cleaning process.

Before we start with the furniture steam cleaning we will zip-brush your upholstery to pick up as much dust, hair and lint as possible.

After determining the type of material the upholstery is made of we will pre-spray it with special solution to break down all dirt and grime bonded deep into the fibers. We pay extra attention on the arm rests and head rests as well as any stained areas of your furniture. We use a soap free upholstery cleaning solution, so no sticky residue is left behind.

We will pre-brush the arm rests, head rest and any heavy stained areas on the upholstery to help loosen dirt and grime. This is critically important to insure the best stain and soil removal possible.

We use a powerful steam cleaning extraction method. Cleaning solution and water are sprayed into the upholstery fiber while powerful multiple stage vacuum motors suck water and dirt back into the upholstery cleaning machine. Your upholstery is left damp to the touch without over wetting it.

For any stubborn stains still persisting after the cleaning we have variety of cleaning techniques and we will not give up until we’ve tried them all.

If you happen to be a pet owner you should know – pet dander is the main trigger for home allergies & asthma. For a small additional fee we can apply our non-toxic, biodegradable enzyme treatment. Click here to read more.

We will perform final walk through to make sure you are satisfied with the outcome of your carpet cleaning service. Our customers satisfaction is very important to us. Please feel free to check our review page at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

That depends if you need to clean dining chairs, ottoman, recliner, sofa, love seat or sectional couch. Click here check our complete price list.

The price will remain the same. No hidden fees or uncomfortable upsells upon arrival, guaranteed.

We will be able to remove most of the stains during the upholstery cleaning process, including water marks from microfiber couches. Using the right solutions will ensure that we will achieve the best possible outcome. With that said customers should know that certain substances can cause some stains to become permanent due to discoloration of the upholstery fabric and no matter how much cleaning solution we use or how hard we try we won’t be able to reverse the damage. Upon arrival our technician will let you know what to expect from the cleaning process, based on the current condition of your furniture.

Yes. We have special tools and solutions for velvet, to ensure proper cleaning without damaging this gentle fabric.

That will depend on the type of fabric and current condition of your couch. In most cases, the upholstery is fully dry and ready to use in 4-6 hours. Worst case scenario it may take up to a day to fully dry.

We are open 7 days a week and, in most cases, we can have a tech at your home next day. In some cases, we can even schedule an appointment for the same day.

Absolutely NO. We value your time and that’s why we provide you with 2 hours timeframe of arrival, NOT half a day, waiting for the cleaning technician to show up. Upon request we can even call you 30 minutes prior our arrival.

Yes, our cleaning solutions are green & eco-friendly. They are safe to use around kids, elderly and pets, so you have nothing to worry about.

Most definitely. We have been trusted to provide upholstery, carpet and/or tile cleaning services by big brands such as Costco, Hilton, Menards, Stan’s Donuts & Coffee, Pandora and many others. Click here to read more about our Commercial Furniture and Carpet Cleaning services.

That will depend on the fabric your upholstery is made of, as well as the level of your expectations. One thing to keep in mind is that cleaning your sofa, loveseat or recliner will cost you around $100, while purchasing new couch will cost you thousands. Our advice is investing $100 on the cleaning, which in many cases can come a lot better than you even hoped for. If you decide to go straight to replacing your furniture item you will always be wondering if steam cleaning it would have saved you from spending thousands of dollars for a new couch.

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