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Extending the Life of Your Chicago Carpet

a clean carpet, a great way to go about extending the life of your carpet

Your carpets are a major investment, both financially and aesthetically. They contribute to the comfort and warmth of your home, but they also take a beating from daily wear and tear. While professional carpet cleaning is essential, you can do plenty between visits to keep your carpets looking their best and extend their lifespan. Here […]

Fight Allergies with Clean Carpets!


Spring is in the air, and so are the allergens! If you’re one of the millions of Chicagoans who struggle with sneezing, itchy eyes, and congestion this time of year, your carpets might be partly to blame. Carpets act like giant filters, trapping allergens deep within their fibers where regular vacuuming can’t always reach. Professional […]

Carpet Cleaning: A Great Valentine’s Day Gift!

Valentine's Day

The Windy City is abuzz with love this February, but amidst the chocolates and roses, let’s not forget something more cherished: a clean and healthy home. This Valentine’s Day, surprise your loved one with a unique and thoughtful gift – a sparkling carpet cleaning courtesy of SN Cleaning! Forget the cliché gifts that gather dust […]

Get Your Chicago Carpet Holiday-Ready in 5 Easy Steps!

Chicago Carpet

The holidays are a time for joy, laughter, and unfortunately, potentially disastrous carpet stains. Between spilled eggnog, rogue cookie crumbs, and muddy boots trekking in from the Windy City’s unpredictable weather, your once-pristine Chicago carpet might sing the blues by New Year’s Day. Fear not, festive Chicagoans! With a little pre-party prep, you can transform […]

Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned Before the Holidays!

Carpets professionally cleaned

The holiday season has arrived in Chicago, and it’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s a time for family, friends, and feasting. With the windy weather and cold temperatures here in Chicago, all that holiday cheer will be shared indoors. It’s a good idea to have your carpets professionally cleaned before the Thanksgiving […]

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